Sarah Palin as spoken word mytho-poet

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Her interview makes more sense when you stop reading it and “read” it instead, like with your gut. Instead of watching her stare blankly at an interviewer while making little to no sense (scientists refer to this phenomenon as the “I can’t believe you called on me, i will just keep talking until class is over syndrome, or ICBYCOMIWJKTUCIS, or brainjunctivitus) picture her as a revolutionary street poet, stumbling onto a smoky stage, as if by accident, and launching unbidden into this directionless (or is it) screed.

Bin Laden
      hiding out right now
      is still such a leader of this terrorist movement.

sunburn footnote

Author: Josh  |  Category: fiction, josh

I spent several of my young summers at various child depositories masquerading as wilderness retreats. During all my years of summer camp, I only wrote my parents once. I had developed a couple of blisters during a forced march from the mess hall to the state-sponsored rifle range/planetarium. The terrain was pockmarked from the periodic landfall of mortar shells and a tunnel complex being daily expanded by the resident population of moles and gophers (also state-sponsored, genetically altered, and prone to hyperbole—liars every one). This rough and ready landscape was difficult to navigate and many campers slipped, fell or were otherwise laid low. We finished the march muddy, upset, and in my case, blistered.
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