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Algabrostic headquartersWhat is algabrostic spastigraphy?
Josh Sonnier stumbled, purely by accident, upon algabrostic spastigraphy while teaching a remedial math course at the University of Louisiana. A student proposed to him that new techniques were necesarry to solve the difficult formulas found in homework problem number 4 . . . ( more )
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Algabrostic Spastigraphy features the writing of Steven Roy, Jonathan Powers, Josh Sonnier, Matt Miller and Brian McCann. Most of the writing is fiction. There are some essays (by Josh), some short poems (mostly by Jonathan), and samples from a few novels (mostly by Steve).
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2/25/05 Congrats! Josh's writing was published on .

We are still looking for a replacement for Gumbo the Chicken, who disappeared during Mardi Gras.

Josh Sonnier Mail me.
I want to read more of this.
Steven Roy Matt Miller Jonathan Powers
The Children of Light
In the distance future, a private eye with the uncanny ability to find anything and his tough assistant battle a menace that was born at the speed of light.

The Collectors
It's the story of a professional football player ,Duke, who is at the top of his game, but, when a debilitating illness puts him on the sidelines, he has only one choice to save his life, working for aliens.

The Strangelanders

This novel is now in the process of being edited. It's the story of a spoiled prince who disobeys his father and finds himself in the harshest of environments.
Dracula Book
A new novel about vampires.

A Tale of Two Worlds
Gentlemen: please consider this, the first installment of a serial novel for publication on your moost illlustrious website. The novel is entitled, "A Tale of Two worlds," and is the story of a connection between a modern Louisianian and a 16th Century one. Sincerely, Nigel.

The Loqutor Survival Guide
Essential reading for all CC's Coffee patrons.

Curious Journal of Bufford Whittington
Someone who did not survive and encounter with Loqutor.

GPS Virtual Presence Reality Location Simulator
Hype from an excited tech journalist at SIGGRAPH about a new virtual reality technology.

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