Notes on a yard sale gun purchase.

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This gun was something I came across at a yard sale. I was, at the time, a guest of a certain university’s graduate program in quantitative theology. For about a year, I was able to head a team attempting to measure the resistivity of the human soul. We had modeled the will with such precision that we could, with the aid of electric fields, produce in voluntary subjects sensations indistinguishable from emotion, desire, tranquility, etc. 1

My tenure as head of this project was brief, however, due to the interference of a cuordoroy jacketed interloper. A literature professor on a one year loan from an indeterminate eastern university, he was interested in trans-curricular studies and expressed a desire to participate in the project. He contacted my assistant via gem-engraved lawn dart, and following a brief courtship, explained his interest in our research. The self-described “literateur” intended to provide our team with test subjects, and then write about their individual progress in the project.2 Eager to expand the base of our test subjects, we agreed.

He failed to include on his vitae, however, that the state he wished to induce, in a group consisting solely of his more attractive female students, was a sensation indistinguishable from desire. He was successful, and published a number of papers on his findings. The phenomena he observed, termed educator lust, in conjunction with films he made of his experimental procedure, cost us our lab and our funding. There were positive effects, however, as the visiting professor received a Tanner Fellowship and eventually, an “endowed chair of comparative gender studies.”

1. A French team had concurrent data supporting the simulation of liberté, fraternité, and egalité, but the Nobel committee overlooked both of us in favor of a pack of squawking Yalies who had spent the summer inducing beat-driven tremors and convulsions in young subjects. When the undergraduate target is exposed to strong, periodic stimulation in the form of either sound or light, under certain conditions, these stimuli can override the normal firing of neurons. The synapses in the brain actually begin firing in sequence with the stimuli. This is the phenomenon responsible for the apparent propensity of Japanese children to seize during video games. The victorious team exploited this effect, called auditory (sound) or photic (light) driving, and induced a state of complete apoplexy in 87 per cent of their test population. Their treatise, published earlier that year, Electric Variation of Boogalotic Behavior in Photic-Driven Youths: The Establishment of a Krush Groove, or in preprint, “Who Makes the Body Rock?” is considered the seminal work in the field.

2. His collection of poems and short fiction, entitled “Emotion: The Feelings my Feelings are Feeling” is available from Livre Pathetique, Rue de Bette, Paris.

Marshall Dillon tackles sexual dysfunction

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James ArnessMy trip to Tiffany’s Waikiki went better than I expected. My fiance impressed me with her choice of wedding jewelry–a pair of mirror-bright Barrington brother’s 70 caliber game rifles trimmed in ivory and standing attentive in quickset florists foam with a splash of baby’s breath.

“They’re beautiful.” My lover struggled to remain composed but nearly wept at the weight of them.

The attendant smiled politely. “They have hair triggers and a set of 100 cartridges is included. “

As she handed one of the display cases to me, it was my turn to fight tears. The chamber was surround by a metallic starburst of precision machining. What I’d thought was a setting fixture for the rifles was instead a wreath of 700 nitro express rounds. I was beginning to hallucinate the scent of cordite filling the display cases and spilling into the street, telling the world of our love.
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“Nein, mein amigo. I am born of Paraguay.”

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How is it that a woman like you, so beautiful…so charming…so delightfully scented of hornets and clover, can engender within me both the sort of desire which until just this moment had been the solitary domain of impossibly wealthy men who ache for riches even they recognize as wasteful and ridiculous, and the confusion of a child who, having stepped on a mouse, has yet to decide whether or not he liked it, the step, and its subsequent sound and moisture.

These are the sorts of things I say to garner attention. If at a party, I’ll shriek wildly about interest rates and their precipitous decline thanks to the scores of plucky Chinamen and their indomitable spirits. What I mean by this tirade is, of course, that the salsa has reached a new and dizzying height of spiciness, piquant and formidable, bordering on the inedible. Cayenne is the great equalizer. At least this is true of capsicum oil, the active ingredient in cayenne. Death is also, classically, the great equalizer. Extreme abdominal cramps tend to greatly equalize too. The existence Read more…

Incident at the Durango Fairgrounds

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While waiting to judge a hangar full of preserves and 4-H macramé disasters, I watched one of the fairground’s auxiliary police officers sprint past me into the Gallery of Hays. It’s an exhibit designed to cultivate corporate interest in the “development of sturdier grasses for consumption by livestock and, eventually, man.” An eighth grader at Graham Gardner Middle had postulated that if humans would simply practice eating hay, alfalfa, rye, etc. that we could evolve into creatures capable of digesting it effectively. This would not only solve hunger problems but would help us, as a race, to appreciate the dilemma facing livestock, namely “Why should I eat only to be eaten.” The town council thought this idea wonderful and began immediately raising funds to develop grasses which were flavored, textured, and I hope, composed molecularly in fashions more suitable for human tastes. A terribly misinformed gentleman from GreenPeace apparently meant to stop this Anthrocentric abuse of local plant life and the horrifying anti-cow legislation to which it would inevitably lead (according to his attorney). He stormed the Gallery about an hour before it opened, in as much as one man can effectively storm any surplus airforce hangar which is only locked in the dead of winter to protect the hays from freezing (which won’t be necessary if the research is sufficiently funded and the hardier strains take hold).

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UFO Detection Circuit: Alienduino

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Recent events have reminded me of the importance of early detection when dealing with alien invaders. You can’t just let them land in your yard and promise not to take over the earth. Aliens don’t value yards the way we do, so you can forget about them valuing human life. With this circuit, you can remain aware of exactly how much sunlight is being blocked by an approaching alien warship. Ignore the radio broadcasts. The mind-controlled announcers will claim it is a medical supply vessel, but we know an unimaginably futuristic, alien, and complex warship when we see one.

Bottom Line: LEDs + piezo buzzer = not dead from alien attack.