A radio show you should be listening to…

Author: Josh  |  Category: music

If you are not listening to Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimention, you should go there now and lock your earholes on it. As a rabid fan and universal arbiter of all things strange, awesome and otherwise mind-blowing, I suggest you check it out. It’s a show at WNYU (which is littered with great music and general programming, by the way). Only rarely do I listen to an entire episode and NOT hear something completely new to me.

I remember the exact moment I realized this was no ordinary radio program. I heard an incomprehensible but magnificent psychedelic love ballad/crazy all naked musical tragicomedy/john phillip sousa tribute electro cover band so odd I couldn’t listen to it directly. Actually, until that moment I didn’t know I even had peripheral hearing, but if I listened directly, the music would fade like faint objects in a night sky. I hurried to the playlist, hoping to track what lost bit of 60′s-iana I had recovered. It turned out the track was only a couple of years old, and in japanese (which only partially explains the incomprehensibility of the lyrics).

Every show is like being a human cannonball in some drug-addled circus. But rather than being fired into a net, you climax each of your performances by being launched into unaired american bandstand footage from a parallel, much cooler, universe.